Leo the bull horoscope

Those born under this sign are surrounded by the warm and rich Venusian energy and love.

Leo born in Ox year Personality Horoscope

No wonder the bulls are romantics to the core. Born between July 23 and August 22 is the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo. The King of the Zodiac is a Masculine, fixed, positive and fire sign. Lions exude great charisma, sunny and shiny personality.

These people have the innate ability to light up a place and be at the center of attention. Their planetary ruler, the Sun is the giver of light and energy to our solar system. Sun influenced people are forthright, demanding and have the ability to transmit energy to others. Leo is the most stable among the fire signs and represents steady radiance of the Sun.

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Taurus and Leo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

If Aries is fire out of control, Leo is fire under control. This sign imbibes creativity and warmth.

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Any kind of pettiness displeases the Lion. Being a fixed sign like Taurus, Leo also have a firm grasp of who they are and what they want.

The Zodiac Signs of the Horoscope

Both resist any form of dominance and are stubborn. The King of the Zodiac naturally wants to lead and expects to be followed with due respect. Oh they do love to be admired and complimented, not only for their looks but also for what they do. Fact is, no matter what kind of stage the Lions are on, they are capable of owning it and naturally want to be adored.

Love is indispensable to the Lions, they can never be without it.


When people born under this sign fall in love, they fall hook line and sinker. What happens when two romantic signs fall for each other? Will Taurus and Leo click or sink? Read on to find out more. Leos are serious when it comes to courting the object of their affection.

Cosmic Path Leo

He will impress her with lavish acts and even gifts of adoration. Taurus being an old fashioned romantic will surely be touched. There will be plenty of romantic dinner dates and spur of the moment weekend escapades just to win her heart. A Lion in love is an extremely affectionate and loyal partner. He expects absolute loyalty and will not allow the slightest form of infidelity from her. She is not known to stray when in a commitment and expects the same from him. This sun sign is a hopeless romantic and believe in love at first sight and will not waste time to enter into a commitment. If all works out fine, marriage between these two is even possible.

Leo woman will not escape the quiet charm of romantic Taurus. He will be smitten with this beautiful and radiant personality. Being a fire sign, this lady wants to be swept away with love, adoration and desire, while he will stop at nothing to win his object of affection.

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Taurus man loves good old-fashioned courtship, carefully planning his moves from wooing to committing. Taurus man seeks a long term partner — marriage and the works. Their battles can be fierce and epic, but as long as both of them can be reassured that the relationship is important to their partner, things will go more smoothly. Taurus and Leo are both Fixed Signs. They also both tend to shy away from change; they like to get things settled and then let them continue on as is indefinitely — even if something could be improved.

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If they decide that they want their love relationship to stay, almost nothing will convince them to leave their partner. This is good for the stability of the relationship but can be bad if the relationship is destructive or inhibitive. Their mutual admiration. Both Signs have very powerful personalities, so neither will dominate the other — no matter how hard they try!

Others see them as an excellent match as they share the commitment to fulfilling their goals. Who's in your future? Ask a psychic now.

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